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See actual waits in line, menus and prices, and update your touring plans for Walt Disney World on your mobile phone.

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  • Wait Times
  • Step-by-Step Touring Plans
  • Searchable Menus
  • Crowd Calendars
  • Attraction and Restaurant Ratings
  • Ride Now Suggestions
  • And More!

All from your phone, anywhere you are.

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Lines will help you save time and money during your Disney World trip. We created Lines to figure out where to go and what to do during your Disney vacation. No other app – even Disney's official app – gives you as much unbiased advice about the Walt Disney World parks.

See How Long You'll Really Wait In Line at Disney World

When you’re in the parks, Lines will display not only Disney's currently posted wait time at every attraction, but how long you’ll really wait in line, based on our experience and that of thousands of families on the same ride. Only Lines gives you this “actual wait” estimate.

Free Customized Step-by-Step Disney World Touring Plans

You tell Lines which rides you want to see, and Lines will display a step-by-step itinerary showing when to see them to avoid long lines. Lines can even update your plan while you’re walking around the park! It’s like having a GPS for Disney World.

Menus and Prices for Every Disney World Restaurant

Lines has current menus and prices for every restaurant, kiosk, food stand and cart across all of Disney World! Every menu is searchable – you can find every steak, corn dog, or ice cream bar in Disney World! Lines also shows you which snacks you can get on the Disney Dining Plan.

Pick The Best Disney World Parks To Visit - Avoid The Worst

We'll give you the next ten days of our Disney World Crowd Calendar, which lists our daily crowd forecasts for each park. We also list Disney World park hours and special events.

Trust Our Data

We've been researching Disney crowds for more than two decades. Our Disney World wait times use real-time data sent in by users and statistical models prepared by a professional statistician to estimate how long you'll actually wait in line.

Submit Times And Earn Badges

You can help other Disney World guests by submitting wait times. We'll update our models in real time and give you credit. Earn badges, level-up, and vie for "top submitter" for each Disney World attraction!

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