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    American Waterfront

American Waterfront is a sprawling land that takes up almost half of Tokyo DisneySea. We love it because there's so many little nooks and crannies and mini-lands to explore and soak in.

The New York section of the land recreates the feel of the city in early 20th century. Take note of the detail in this area. For example, McDuck's Department store is opulent, and richly detailed. It beckons you to spend all your money. Then, right next door is McDuck's Pawnshop. Perfect. The major focal point of this area of the park is the SS Columbia, which is a large passenger ship that looks like it's ready to set sail at any minute. You can, of course, explore its upper decks, or even eat inside in one of it's beautifully themed dining rooms.

The Cape Cod area of American Waterfront is home to the most popular Disney character that most casual fans have probably never even heard of, Duffy. Duffy is an absolute phenomenon in Japan, and his exclusive home just so happens to be in DisneySea.



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