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    S.S. Columbia Dining Room


Tokyo DisneySea in American Waterfront


If you're in to an elegant fine dining experience, S.S. Columbia Dining Room is perfect for you. The menu is made up of salads, a selection of fish entrees (usually salmon, lobster, or scallops), steak, and desserts. Beer and wine are also on the menu. Special sets are usually available, made up of of bread, appetizer, entree, dessert, and a non-alcoholic drink. We enjoy and have no complaints about S.S. Columbia Dining Room, but if your time is limited we would instead dine at Magellan's.

Setting and Atmosphere

Tokyo DisneySea has thousands of details both large and small, and one of the biggest is the S.S. Columbia in the American Waterfront section of the park. There's no multi-million dollar ride inside this gigantic recreation of a early 20th-century passenger ship, it's there simply because the designers wanted it there. Luckily the Columbia isn't there just for looks. Its deck can be explored, there's a lounge inside, and as expected in a passenger ship should, there's an elegant dining room for patrons to enjoy a meal. Also, a pianist performs while you dine.