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    Tokyo DisneySea


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Tokyo DisneySea, the World's Most Beautiful Disney Theme Park

It’s hard not to be hyperbolic when talking about Tokyo DisneySea. It’s amazing, incredible, and jaw dropping. There are hundreds of details to discover in every bit of the park, and what’s most impressive is how it all is brilliantly blended together. Whether you’re wandering around the streets of an early 20th century recreation of New York in American Waterfront, exploring a dense jungle in Lost River Delta, or venturing deep in to a smoldering volcano in Mysterious Island, everything flows together perfectly.

The centerpiece attraction in Tokyo DisneySea is Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s part dark ride, part thrill ride and uses the Test Track/Radiator Springs Racers technology from Epcot and Disney California Adventure. The ride takes place in and around Mount Prometheus, so when your vehicle is not taking you through the depths of the mountain, you’ll be seeing some beautiful views of Mysterious Island. The attraction culminates with an encounter with a huge lava monster that is one of the most impressive animatronics Disney has ever created.

Other rides found in DisneySea include some of the most impressive and most technologically advanced attractions in Disney's arsenal. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea takes you deep underwater where you'll explore an ancient civilization and have an encounter with a gigantic squid. In Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull you'll enter an Aztec temple in search of the Fountain of Youth. Sindbad's Storybook Voyage (which we consider to be a modern Disney classic) is boat ride for the whole family featuring a theme written by Disney Legend Alan Menken. DisneySea's Tower of Terror is not based on The Twilight Zone like it is in Walt Disney World. It features a completely original story line where you tour an elaborate hotel from the 1920s that has been cursed by an idol named Shiriki Utundu.

As with Tokyo Disneyland, shows and live entertainment are a huge part of DisneySea's appeal. The marquee show of all of Tokyo Disney Resort is Big Band Beat, located in the Broadway Music Theatre in American Waterfront. This Broadway-style revue features live singers and dancers, as well as Disney characters, performing classic jazz and big band songs. We highly recommend it, even for those of you who are not normally in to Disney stage shows. It's one of the best Disney shows you'll ever see.

Tokyo DisneySea is located a short Disney Resort Line trip away from Tokyo Disneyland and/or the JR Maihama Station. Just hop on the Disney Resort Line monorail, and wait until you hear the announcements, or read the signs inside the cabin (both of which will be in English, as well as Japanese).

Not sure where to start? We recommend reading our Tokyo DisneySea Overview page where you'll learn touring strategies, tips, and other useful information.

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