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    Toy Story Mania!

Description And Comments

Part ride, part game, Toy Story Mania! is an interactive shooting gallery. Thanks to 3D glasses, images on screen pop out at you. Your ride vehicle passes through a virtual midway, with booths offering such games as ring tossing and ball throwing. You use a cannon on your ride vehicle to play as you move along from booth to booth. Toy Story Midway Mania’s pull-string cannons take advantage of CGI technology to toss rings, shoot balls, and even throw eggs and pies. Each game booth is manned by a Toy Story character who is right beside you in 3-D glory cheering you on. In addition to 3-D imagery, you experience vehicle motion, wind, and water spray. The ride begins with a training round to familiarize you with your cannon and the nature of the games and then continues through a number of “real” games in which you compete against your riding mate. The technology has the ability to self-adjust the level of difficulty so that every rider is challenged, and there are plenty of easy targets for small children to reach.

Touring Tips

Toy Story Mania! is immensely popular, and due to its low capacity it has high wait times from opening to closing. Thousands of people will run at full speed to the ride every morning. FastPass often runs out one or two hours after park opening.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

The queue is slightly nicer than the ride found at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios, but other than the queue the ride is identical.

Is it English Friendly?

All dialogue is in Japanese.

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