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Ikspiari is Tokyo Disney Resort's dining, shopping, and entertainment complex. It is home to over 140 shops and restaurants. Ikspiari is located near JR Maihama railway station, and what Tokyo Disney calls the "Resort Gateway." Tokyo Disney Resort Line - Resort Gateway Station is connected to Ikspiari. Here you can ride the monorail to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, or Bayside Station (home of the on-site non-Disney hotels).

Ikspiari is a giant and confusing labyrinth; even after many visits we still find it difficult to navigate and find what we are looking for. Luckily, guide maps are available in English and many other languages. We won't go over every restaurant and shop; but to get you started, we'll point out some of our favorites. Ippudo, a famous ramen chain, has a location in Ikspirari on the third floor. It's a must try. No hyperbole here, it's the best ramen we've ever had. Boba tea lovers can get their fix on the second floor at Gong Cha, which is a chain from Taiwan that we adore. On the fourth floor, Tsukiji Tamasushi is where you'll find delicious and freshly prepared Sushi. Also on the fourth floor is Tonkatsu Wako, home of tasty fried pork cutlets. A food court full of cheaper quick service restaurants is located on the first floor. We enjoy Rockies which features meat roasted on a hot iron plate. Café CHEZ MADU is a bakery with mouth watering cakes and pastries on the second floor. For those picky eaters who are not adventurous and want the same food they can find back in USA, McDonalds (on the first floor), T.G.I. Friday's (on the fourth floor), Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, and Rainforest Cafe (all three of which are on the second floor) are also available. Two Starbucks locations can be found in Ikspiari. One located on the first floor near the Medi+Plus pharmacy (in The Courtyard section). The other is located on the second floor and is a short walk from Ikspiari's Disney Resort Line station entrance (in Trader's Passage section).

If you’re not hungry, there’s always shopping and a 16-theater Cinema Ikspiari with IMAX 3-D to keep you occupied. The main draw for most people will probably be the large Disney Store on the second floor. Daiso is a discount store packed with day to day essentials you may need on your trip, such as belts, snacks, nail clippers, pens, and a large assortment of other items you may have forgot to pack. All at cheap prices. Familiar brands, such as Guess, Lush, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, and others can be found around the complex. It's fun to explore and look in the stores you've never heard of as well, including those with amusing names, such as Go! Go! Laundry and Girls Mignon. Medi+Plus, a pharmacy stocked with many over the counter cold, allergy and other medicines, is also located on the first floor. A grocery store, Seijo Ishii, is available on the first floor. Here you can grab drinks, and snacks for slightly lower prices than you would find inside the parks. Also- near the grocery store are storage lockers, and a 7-11 ATM where you can use your American debit or credit cards to withdraw Japanese Yen.

For more information, visit the official Ikspiari page (which is available in English).

Last updated by Guy Selga on April 4, 2024