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    Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

Description And Comments

This is a combination track ride and motion simulator. It's like they put the flight simulator from Star Tours on a track, but instead of watching a video screen you travel through highly detailed environments. You ride a military troop-transport vehicle; in addition to moving along its path, the vehicle bucks and pitches (the simulator part) in sync with the visuals and special effects. The story is minimal, all you need to know is that you're in search of the Crystal Skull. The ride consists of a mad race to escape the temple as it collapses around you. In the process, you encounter snakes, spiders, lava pits, rats, swinging bridges, and the house-sized granite bowling ball that everyone remembers from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Indiana Jones ride is a Disney masterpiece--nonstop action from the beginning to end with brilliant visual effects. Elaborate even by Disney standards, the attraction provides a level of detail and variety of action that make use of the entire Imagineering arsenal of high-tech gimmickry.

Oh and don't worry, even though it uses "the Crystal Skull" in its name, it has nothing to do with the awful Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie (which was actually released 7 years after DisneySea's Indiana Jones ride was opened).

Touring Tips

  • This attraction has a Single Rider line.

To avoid long lines ride Indiana Jones Adventure as early as possible or use the single rider line.

Indiana Jones Adventure is one of two rides in Tokyo DisneySea to offer a single rider line. Either no one knows about the single rider line, or no one wants to use it, because we've frequently seen only a handful of people making use of it, even on busy days. To make use of the single rider line, walk up to the entrance, and hold up one finger and say "single rider" to the cast member. They will then allow you to enter the single rider line and you'll make the long walk to the load station where you will wait to board the ride.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

DisneySea's Indiana Jones Adventure is very similar to Disneyland's version of the ride. We think Tokyo's version has a more serious tone. The colors are lest vibrant, and less comical then the ride at Disneyland. Almost as if they were going for a more realistic approach. With that being said it's hard to pick a favorite. Overall they're two of the best theme park rides on the planet.

Is it English Friendly?

There is some limited dialogue in Japanese.

Attraction Photos

Special Comments

  • We rate this attraction as Not To Be Missed.
  • This attraction has a minimum-height requirement of 46 inches.
  • This attraction may be frightening for children.
  • This attraction offers rider swap.

Special Needs

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