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    Ariel's Playground

Description And Comments

Ariel's Playground is an elaborately themed walkthrough and playground located inside Mermaid Lagoon. Sure, it's meant for small children, but adult fans of Disney's The Little Mermaid film should still take some time to explore it. Ariel's Playground faithfully recreates the settings from the movie, such as Ariel's Secret Grotto where she hides all of her human treasures. Included in these treasures is a statue of Prince Eric.

Touring Tips

There is no line to wait in. Just walk up and enjoy.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

There are Little Mermaid themed areas in many different Disney theme parks and resorts. But we haven't seen any as highly detailed as Ariel's Playground at DisneySea.

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