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    Space Mountain

Description And Comments

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster with a theme of high-speed interstellar travel. It's thrilling, but not terrifying. There are no long drops or huge hills - only quick, unexpected turns and small drops. It's very dark inside Space Mountain, so while you ride you can't see the rest of the ride's track or support beams, and that is where most of the thrill comes from. You never know what your rocket may do next.

Tokyo Disneyland announced a new Space Mountain that will see the original 1983 version close in 2024. The new version will open in 2027 with a completely new look and ride experience.

Touring Tips

Space Mountain is very popular, and most of the queue is located outdoors. We recommend obtaining a FastPass.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

The track layout of Tokyo's Space Mountain is exactly the same as the version of the ride found at Disneyland. The visuals in the queue and loading area are slightly different, but the actual ride is almost identical. Walt Disney World's Space Mountain offers two different coaster tracks, and a different seating arrangement.

Is it English Friendly?

There is no language of any kind used during a ride on Space Mountain.

Special Comments

  • This attraction has a minimum-height requirement of 40 inches.
  • This attraction offers rider swap.

Special Needs

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