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    Peter Pan's Flight

Description And Comments

Peter Pan’s Flight is a beautifully designed ride from top to bottom. It doesn't make use of any major technological wizardry or high-tech optical illusions, it's just a classic Disney dark ride that withstands the test of time. The ride begins in the Darling family’s house before taking you on a relaxing trip in a “flying pirate ship” over old London and thence to Never-Never Land, where Peter saves Wendy from walking the plank and Captain Hook rehearses for Dancing with the Stars on the snout of the ubiquitous crocodile. There’s nothing here that will jump out at you or frighten young children.

Touring Tips

Fantasyland's dark rides hold steady lines through most of the day, but they're not nearly as bad as the headliners. We recommend riding while a parade is happening.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

Tokyo's Peter Pan's Flight is similar to Walt Disney World's version of the ride, but better maintained, cleaner, and smoother.

Is it English Friendly?

There is limited dialogue in Japanese, but it should not affect anyone's enjoyment of the ride.

Special Needs

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