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    "it's a small world"

Description And Comments

A happy and upbeat attraction with a world-brotherhood theme and a catchy tune that will roll around in your head for weeks. Small boats convey visitors on a tour around the world, with singing and dancing dolls showcasing the dress and culture of each nation. Almost everyone enjoys it's a small world (well, there are those jaded folks who are put off by the dolls' homogeneous appearance, especially in light of the diversity theme)

In 2018 several Disney and Pixar characters were added to "it's a small world." The additions are tastefully done and don't detract from the ride.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

Tokyo Disneyland's "it's a small world" is psychically the same as the ride found at Magic Kingdom, in terms of placement of the dolls, the look of the sets, and the "flooded" rooms rather than the visible flume the boats travel through at Disneyland. Overall it's not as grand of a scale as Disneyland's version, but it's still a large ride. Where it does share a similarity with Disneyland, is the addition of Disney and Pixar characters. These characters are missing from the ride at Magic Kingdom.

Is it English Friendly?

Language has no bearing on the enjoyment of this ride. As your boat sails through the ride you'll hear that earworm of a song in many different languages.

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