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    Mickey’s Rainbow Luau

Description And Comments

Mickey’s Rainbow Luau is an extra charge dinner show at Tokyo Disneyland. It is a Hawaiian luau, that features singing, comedy sketches, hula dancers, and Disney characters. It's fun and we enjoyed the show, but it does make heavy use of characters.

Tickets for adults and children older than 9 years old are around $40, and children 8 to 4 are around $30. Kids under 3 may watch the show for free. It's a bit high priced, but we do think the food was decent quality and were surprised at how enjoyable the show ended up being.

Touring Tips

Advance reservations are required for this show. Unfortunately the reservation service is available only in Japanese, and you need an address located in Japan to make a reservation. Reservations can only be made one month in advance before the performance you wish to see. Since this is a popular show, we do recommend you make reservations as soon as possible. If you are staying in one of the on-site Disney hotels, you can try to make a reservation at the front desk. There are three seating categories, S, A and B. S is closest to the stage, and therefore most expensive, while B is least expensive as it has the worst view. See the official Tokyo Disney Resort page for more information.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

This show is exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland.

Is it English Friendly?

Some songs are sung in English, but most of the show is in Japanese.

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