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    Western River Railroad

Description And Comments

A typical Disneyland-style park has a train that circles the outer rim of the entire park. That has been a staple of Disney's iconic theme parks since the original Disneyland opened in 1955. When Tokyo Disneyland came along, Imagineers discovered a Japanese law stating trains with more than one stop would require guests to buy tickets in order to ride. Understandably, the Imagineers wanted to avoid that. It was decided that Tokyo Disneyland's railroad would have one stop, and be more of an all-out attraction, rather than an attraction/transportation hybrid like the other parks. If you enjoy leisurely traversing through highly themed areas, then Western River Railroad is perfect for you. You start off the journey going past mostly trees and some western-themed props and buildings, but then you travel along the banks of Rivers of America to see Native American settlements and beautiful rock work. Splash Mountain is part of a mountain range that flanks the southern edge of the river. It all looks stunning, especially at night. After passing Big Thunder Railroad, you'll see something you probably did not expect: a huge diorama filled with animatronic dinosaurs. Why? Who knows. Is it awesome? Yes, very.

Touring Tips

We recommend riding at night just because of how beautiful everything looks.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

Magic Kingdom and Disneyland both of trains with similar sights and sounds, especially the dinosaur section from Disneyland. However we still say this is worth riding because it's a great experience and everything so damn pretty.

Is it English Friendly?

The ride's narration is all in Japanese, but you probably won't notice thanks to the stunning visuals.

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