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    Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions

Description And Comments

One of Tokyo Disneyland’s largest attractions, the Jungle Cruise is an outdoor, group boat ride through some of the world’s best-known tropical waterways. Your skipper tells jokes and stories as you pass through forest and jungle, populated entirely by animatronic animals (some hostile) and natives.

Touring Tips

The line for Jungle Cruise can get quite long, and there is no FastPass. We recommend riding near the end of the night.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

There are many exclusive elements to Tokyo Disneyland's Jungle Cruise, including music, a story that could be different each time you ride, and the use of some great looking projection effects in the temple. Each time you ride, your skipper will tell you about an animal spirit that will help you through the difficult situations you're about to encounter. Skippers present one of three amulets, each representing a different animal (the tiger, the elephant, and the monkey). The skipper tells everyone on the boat (or "bote" as the skippers spell it) call upon the animal spirits by making that animal’s sound together during the cruise. It's funny to see an entire boat of people making an elephant noise together.

Is it English Friendly?

No, every word out of the skipper's mouth is in Japanese. But, if you're even remotely a Jungle Cruise fan then we recommend giving it a try due to it being so different from any of the other Jungle Cruise attractions.

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