Penny Arcade
Standby Wait Times Forecast for May 21, 2024

View our predicted "actual" wait times (is how long you'll wait in line–not the number posted outside the attraction) for Penny Arcade using the above graph and the numbers below:

Time Standby Time
9:00am 0 min
10:00am 0 min
11:00am 0 min
12:00pm 0 min
1:00pm 0 min
2:00pm 0 min
3:00pm 0 min
4:00pm 0 min
5:00pm 0 min
6:00pm 0 min
7:00pm 0 min
8:00pm 0 min
9:00pm Closed

Wait time forecasts are updated nightly and may change when new data is available.