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The text alert just worked amazingly for me! Clicked the link and was taken right to the reservation for Be Our Guest for 6 people. Thank you so much!
Just. Awesome.
I can't believe you found a reservation for us, after me trying for weeks on my own.
It's absolute genius. I think I'm having as much fun planning as I will experiencing, thanks to your tools.
I just wanted to report back that the Room Request that you submitted on my behalf resulted in us getting exactly the room we wanted. Our very first choice! Thanks!
Thank you for that great tool!
I received the email and BOOM! Got my reservation:)
Keep up the amazing work!
You guys are the bomb. We have used your advice for years.
I wanted to let you know how I have loved your app! I used it our entire week at Disney and preferred it over the Disney Experience app for checking wait times.

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