Disneyland iPhone App

Available on the Apple app store & Mobile Safari

Disneyland Lines for iPhone

Our FREE Disneyland Wait Time App, Lines, is the only wait time app to show how long you'll actually wait in line. Stay one step ahead of the crowds with Lines!

Get current and future wait times for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure by searching for "disneyland lines" on the App Store or click here to install it directly.

Scroll to the bottom of the main page to access the Disneyland section of the app

Lines for iPad

Lines is a "universal app" -- and supports iPad! While you may not schlep it into the parks with you (though you totally could), it's great for checking the wait times or chatting from home. Just install the app and login.

Lines for iPod Touch

While Lines works great on the iPod Touch (install it here), there is no wifi at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure (and unfortunately, few disney-owned hotels have wifi as well). We have seen industrious users combine a Verizon MiFi with their iPod Touches in the parks. Otherwise, if you're at home, Lines works great.

Access Wait Times via Mobile Safari

You can also access Lines via Mobile Safari by navigating to and signing in. As long as you have iOS 4.0 or greater, there isn't any benefit to using Mobile Safari, but hey, it still works. iOS 3.0 users may want to use the mobile safari version as it has a quicker app-switching load time.

Having issues?

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