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    Animator's Palate on Disney Fantasy

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Disney Fantasy, Deck 3 Aft


Disney characterizes Animator’s Palate’s cuisine as “Pacific Rim/American,” but the vast majority of the menu is standard fare you’d find at any American chain restaurant. There are probably as many Italian selections – pasta, risotto, focaccia – as Asian. A handful of menu items, such as the vegetable stir-fry, have origins in the east; others are standard dishes garnished with a culinary kimono of sesame, ginger or teriyaki sauce to make them “Pacific Rim.” The food isn’t bad – again, it’s more like any American chain restaurant – but neither is it Asian. On the Fantasy, anyway, the entertainment makes up for whatever the food lacks.

Preview the Animator's Palate Animation Show

Setting and Atmosphere

Each Disney ship has a restaurant called Animator’s Palate, and all four pay tribute to Disney’s (and Pixar’s) animation processes. And although all Disney ships have a restaurant named Animator’s Palate, there are three different implementations. Unlike the black-and-white décor on the Wonder, Animator’s Palate on the Fantasy (and the Dream) version features vivid colors: the floor has red carpet with stars of silver, gold and blue, and the walls are the color of caramel. The backs of the dining room chairs are patterned after Mickey Mouse’s pants, with red backs, yellow buttons and a black “belt” at the top.

Shelves along the walls hold small toy versions of Disney and Pixar icons, in between video screens which display animation sketches from popular Disney movies. The more interesting ones will show on one screen how one complete animated “cel” is drawn, starting from sketches of the main characters, to how key background elements are drawn, to color samples for walls and floors, to the finished art. The art changes throughout the evening, keeping the view fresh for everyone.

We mentioned that there are three different versions of Animator’s Palate on the DCL. The version on the Fantasy includes Animation Magic, an impressive special effect. At the beginning of your first night’s dinner at Animator’s Palate, you’re given a sheet of paper and crayon, and told to draw a self-portrait. At the end of the evening, all of the diners’ self-portraits are shown in an animated cartoon similar to Disney’s 1929 short cartoon The Skeleton Dance.

If your cruise is long enough to dine at Animator’s Palate a second time, the show changes again. At certain points during your second dinner, some of the screens will switch from sketches to an interactive video featuring the turtle Crush from Finding Nemo. When we say “interactive” we meant it – Crush will ask you questions and react to your responses, allowing you to have an actual conversation with the animated turtle. Based on the same real-time computer graphics found in Epcot’s Turtle Talk with Crush attraction, the technology behind this mini show allows Crush’s mouth to move in the appropriate way as his words are spoken. Parents may be more amazed than children.

House Specialties

Vegetable stir-fry; Roasted garlic or red pepper dip with bread.