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    Enchanted Garden on Disney Dream

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Disney Dream, Deck 2 Midship


The menu is more American bistro than Paris brasserie, despite the French setting. Besides substituting brioche for bread, the most French thing on the menu is usually the use of the word “julienne” to describe how the vegetables are cut, and “consommé” to describe the soup.

There’s usually at least one pork dish, such as roasted pork tenderloin, one chicken dish (baked or roasted), and a steak or prime rib available, along with several seafood and several vegetarian option. You could pick up this menu and put it at Animator’s Palate or Royal Court without anyone noticing, but maybe the scenery makes the food taste a little bit better here.

Photos courtesy of Laurel Stewart.

The center booths are the best seats in the house.
Photo courtesy of Ricky Brigante.

Setting and Atmosphere

Designed after a 19th-century French greenhouse, with patinated cast iron arches supporting a spectacular ceiling display of plants, sun and sky, Enchanted Garden is surely the prettiest of the Dream’s three main restaurants.

During lunch, lights in the ceiling simulate the midday sun, and diners see what appears to be ivy climbing up the side of the ironworks; as the sun sets, the “sky” turns to dusk, and eventually to dark. Lights, in the shape of flowers and hung from the ceiling, open their “petals” as night falls.

The centerpiece of Enchanted Garden is a burbling concrete fountain, 7 feet tall, topped by Mickey Mouse. The best seats are the round, raised high-back booths along Enchanted Garden’s center walk, which allow you to see all of the action in one half of the restaurant. Look for framed Hermès scarves outside the restaurant, which are a nice (and expensive) touch of France. Disney says Enchanted Garden is inspired by the gardens at Versailles, but we think it looks more like the hothouse at Paris’ Les Jardin des Plantes. We could be wrong.

House Specialties

Roast pork tenderloin with smoked salt; scallops with roasted asparagus; seared tuna salad on field greens and seaweed with squid.