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    Walt Disney World Bus FAQ

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Among the many forms of transportation in and around Walt Disney World, the bus system is the most far reaching. Buses are used to take guests to all four WDW theme parks, Disney Springs, both water parks, and all the Disney-owned resorts. Here's everything you need to know.

Typical Disney bus.

Do I have to pay to use the Disney buses?

No. Use of the Walt Disney World transportation system (which includes buses, boats, the monorail and the Skyliner) is free. You don't need any sort of ticket, nor do the cast members at the buses have any mechanism for collecting a fare.

To use the Disney World bus system, does it matter where I'm staying?

No. Anyone is free to use the bus system regardless of where they are staying, on or off Disney property. There are, however, a few exceptions to this.

What exceptions?

The Disney buses that bring guests to/from Orlando International Airport are totally separate from the buses that operate within Walt Disney World. The airport buses, called Magical Express, are only available to guests staying at the Disney-owned hotels at Walt Disney World. See our Magical Express page for more information on this. Note: Beginning in 2022, the free Magical Express service from Orlando International Airport will be ending.

For the buses that operate within Disney World, it doesn't matter where you stay, but there may be some situations where your access to the transportation system may be temporarily curtailed. In pre-pandemic times, this would happen only on the busiest handful of days each year. On those days, you might be asked to show a Disney resort ID or proof of a restaurant/tour reservation within a theme park. This was for crowd control purposes in the theme parks and had nothing to do with limiting your access to the transportation.

Post pandemic, beginning in January 2021, when Disney initially re-instituted guest park hopping capabilities, guests had their park admission scanned prior to boarding park-to-park transportation. This scan was to ensure that the guest's ticket had park hopping capabilities was not designed to limit access to transportation in general, nor was it dependent on the guest's lodging. During spring 2021, Disney generally stopped scanning park admission tickets related to park hopping, but there is always a possibility that this may return.

Disney bus seating.

Where do the Disney buses operate?

Almost everywhere. Buses are the only form of transportation to/from the Animal Kingdom, water parks, value resorts, and Disney Srings. Buses serve some locations to/from all the other resorts and theme parks.

Even in situations where other forms of transportation (monorail, boat, Skyliner) are the primary means of conveyance to/from a particular resort, buses will be called into service during adverse weather conditions or when those other transportation systems need maintenance.

What are the bus transportation hours?

Hours vary seasonally. Generally you can expect the buses to begin running to a theme park about one hour prior to park opening and continue until about one hour after park.

Buses run from the resort to Disney Springs about an hour before Disney Springs opens. However, buses only begin running between the theme parks and Disney Springs in the late afternoon. As a workaround, if you want to take a bus from a theme park to Disney Springs early in the day, take a bus to the Saratoga Springs resort and get off at the Congress Park stop. There is a walking path around the lake from Congress Park to Disney Springs; most healthy adults can make the walk in less than ten minutes.

Ramp extended for mobility access.

How often do the buses run?

The standard line is that Disney buses run about every 20 minutes. In practice, this could be as often as every five minutes or as infrequently as every 30 minutes, depending on the time of day and crowd levels at Walt Disney World. If it seems like an inordinate amount of time is elapsing between buses, ask a cast member to inquire about problems on the route.

There are electronic signs at resort bus stops that indicate when the next bus routed to each destination is supposed to arrive. We have found these to be highly inaccurate.

What is the seating like on the Disney buses?

The Disney transport buses are like standard city buses. They have hard, molded plastic seats. During crowded times, the buses fill to capacity and riders may be required to stand.

Does my child need a car seat on the Disney buses?

As with most city buses, car seats are neither required nor accepted on the Disney buses. If this is an important issue for you, renting a car or using a taxi/Uber/Lyft equipped with a car seat is likely your best option.

All strollers must be folded to board the Disney buses.

Can the buses transport guest in a wheelchair or ECV?

Yes. All Disney transport buses are capable of transporting wheelchairs and ECVs via a ramp/lift. Up to two wheelchairs or ECVs are allowed on board at any one time.

Can I bring a stroller onto a Disney bus?

Yes. Stroller may be brought on board but they MUST be folded and carried onto the bus.

Are there Disney transportation alternatives to using the buses?

You may find alternatives in a few cases. For example, when going from Wilderness Lodge or Fort Wilderness to Magic Kingdom, you can take a boat or a bus. But for most bus routes, your only alternative would be driving your own car or using a taxi/Uber/Lyft.

How do I know which bus to get on?

Bus stops are clearly marked at the resorts and at the theme parks. Look for a large sign at the front of the theme parks that indicate where to wait for each destination.

Are there rules for riding the bus?

Yes. The resort bus stops have signs posted with the following information:

  • Guests must remain behind the yellow line. [Stay away from the roadway while waiting.]
  • Guests enter through the front door.
  • Guests may be asked to move from seats designated for guests with disabilities.
  • Mobility aids must fit within a 30" x 48" area for access. Once onboard, transferring to a bus seat is encouraged.
  • If someone in your party is using a mobility device, groups of six persons or less will board first, entering through the rear door.
  • If someone in your party is using a mobility device, groups larger than six persons are encouraged to divide and reunite onboard or at your destination.
  • Buses may arrive full due to guest demand. If so, please wait for the next bus with available seats.

Please use common sense and general etiquette when using the buses. Offer your seat to elderly or pregnant guests or to guests carrying small children. Offer assistance to guests lifting strollers onto the bus.

Signage indicates where to wait for each bus destination.

Can I take a bus from resort to resort?

Yes, but it might take a while. You can get anywhere on Walt Disney World property using only free Disney-provided transportation, but many types of trips will require a mid-route transfer. For example, to get from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot, you’ll need to change monorail lines at the Transportation and Ticket Center, or to get from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to the Beach Club, you’ll need to change buses at the Animal Kingdom park or switch from a bus to a boat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. To get from All Star Sports to the Contemporary, you would take a bus to Magic Kingdom and then walk or take the monorail.

Every time you make a Disney transportation transfer, you may encounter a wait of up to about 20 minutes. If it's late at night or there's bad weather, you might find that paying for a taxi/Uber/Lyft for direct transportation is preferable to an indeterminate wait.

Anything else I should know?

During special events such as RunDisney races or some conferences, Disney will run extra buses from the resorts to the event location. If you're visiting Walt Disney World for a race or conference, look for signage at your hotel for supplementary bus information or stop by the hotel front desk to inquire.