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    Virtual Queue and Boarding Groups

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What is a Virtual Queue?

For select attractions, Disney lets you join a digital list of folks interested in riding an attractions. When Disney does this, it operates no standby queue. That means that you cannot just walk up and wait in line for the attraction.

The way this works is that you use the Disney World app (My Disney Experience) to join a virtual queue for an attraction. If you succeed, you are assigned a numbered "Boarding Group." At some point later in the day, your Boarding Group will be called (higher numbers are called later than lower numbers), at which time you can return to the attraction and join the queue for Virtual Queue customers.

What is a Boarding Group?

The term "Boarding Group" is used as a label for the number you are assigned after you successfully join a virtual queue. Think of it like a spot in line that is shared by 100+ people. If you have a very low number (like Boarding Group 3), you will be able to ride shortly after park opening as long as the attraction is running properly at the beginning of the day. If you have a very high number (like Boarding Group 150), your group may be called in the evening, or perhaps not at all. The Disney app shows an approximate return time for your Boarding Group. The speed with which Boarding Groups are called depends on how frequently the attraction breaks down.

When Can I Join the Virtual Queue?

Disney World opens its Virtual Queues at 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM each day. Spots in the virtual queue go quickly, so we recommend that you tap quickly and join the queue immediately at one of these times. Even if act swiftly, you may fail; this is a competitive process, and on busy days Boarding Groups can by gone within seconds.

How do I join a Boarding Group?

See our Answering All Your Questions About Virtual Queues article for an overview of the process. Note that you need to have valid park admission, a park reservation for today, and the official Disney World app and account in order to try to join the virtual queue.

Which Attractions Offer a Virtual Queue (Boarding Groups)?

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind has been currently using a Virtual Queue since its opening on May 27, 2022. TRON Lightcycle / Run in Magic Kingdom also uses a virtual queue. All other virtual queues have been discontinued, although Disney has explicitly stated that it may use them again in the future

How Long Will I Wait After I Get in the Physical Line?

This has varied over time and by attraction, but expect to wait 40-60 minutes once your Boarding Group is called and you join a physical line. To wait less in line, Disney wants you to purchase Lightning Lane.