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Attractions are divided into two categories:


  1. Before the day of your tour, email with the following information:
    • Date of your planned tour
    • Park you will be touring ultimate-style
    • Cell phone number where you can be reached while in the park
  2. For each attraction you visit, you must:
    1. Obtain a photo that shows your complete touring group on the attraction. If you do not fit in one vehicle (for example, on Dumbo or Astro Orbiter), you can use multiple photos as evidence. After the tour, share all photos on the Internet. The goal here is to provide convincing evidence that you experienced the attraction, so be sure to take a reasonable photo.
    2. Record the posted wait time.
    3. Record the posted FASTPASS return time (if applicable).
    4. Record the time you enter the queue.
    5. Record the time you board the attraction or that the main show starts (pre-show not included).
    6. Record the time you leave the attraction.
    7. For character greetings, record the location where the greeting took place.
  3. Obtain a "Times Guide & New Information" handout for the day and park you are touring. Scan or take photos of both sides of it and share it along with your photos.
  4. For an Ultimate Touring Plan to be considered complete, you must experience all "core attractions" (defined above) that are not under formal refurbishment. In addition, you may experience "bonus attractions" (also defined above) such as unscheduled performances, additional rides on Main Street Vehicles, and character greetings. The web site contains the definitive list of core and bonus attractions, see here.
  5. Your tour starts with the first attraction (usually a welcome show) you experience after passing through an entrance turnstile and ends when the final show of the day is finished or when you complete all attractions and reach the designated stop location (whichever happens first). See Stop Locations section below.
  6. All admission media used must convey no special privileges beyond tickets available to the general public, and only one ticket may be used per person. You may use either FASTPASS or FastPass+ (but not both). VIP front-of-the-line passes, Bob Iger name badges, Disability Access System cards, unlimited FASTPASS tickets, and any other mechanisms to bypass lines are not permitted.
  7. Use of Extra Magic Hours is permitted.
  8. Any FASTPASS tickets used must be obtained by you, using your ticket (and only your single ticket), on the day that you complete the tour. FastPass+ selections may be made in advance, and you may get more in the park after using those, but you are still limited to using a single ticket per person.
  9. You may complete an Ultimate Tour as a group, but your group must wait in all lines together and experience all attractions as a group.
  10. While completing your tour, you must not use other humans (except for Disney employees: see the next rule below) to get you anything or provide you with information. Basically, the use of "runners" and "spotters" to speed your tour is prohibited.
  11. You may have in-person conversations with "on-the-clock" Disney cast members to get information about show times, wait times, parade routes, or anything else.
  12. In advance of or during your tour, you may use information found on the Disney World web site, the Steve Soares Live Entertainment web page, a "Times Guide & New Information" sheet from the theme parks, or any other publicly available resource to acquire information that will help your tour. You may NOT use materials intended exclusively for Disney World cast members.
  13. Use of mobile wait time applications (such as Lines) is permitted.
  14. You must see every float in a parade, from first float to last float, from a reasonable distance in locations where others are watching the parade. To speed viewing a parade, you may walk along the parade route in the opposite direction of the parade. For parades with a street party component, you must stay until the floats start their departure from the party.
  15. You must watch a show (except for bonus attraction performances) from beginning to end. Typically there is a voice announcement that signals the end of the show.
  16. For certain performances (e.g., Dapper Dans, Glassblowing Demonstration) you must experience the show for at least 5 minutes. See the "task" column of the attraction lists for requirements for each attraction.
  17. Arcade attractions are included on some Ultimate Tours. You may obtain tokens and quarters in advance of your touring date.
  18. You may pick-up a key and spell cards for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom prior to your touring date.
  19. Shows must be watched from an acceptable viewing location (see the "tasks" in the list of attractions for each park) that provides a clear view of all critical action in the show.
  20. For the purpose of calculating total time, time spent waiting for an event or show after having experienced all other operating attractions does not count. The most common example is waiting for a nighttime parade or fireworks show to start after returning to the stop location at the end of your tour.
  21. Each character meeting experience counts as as a single bonus attraction, even if there are multiple characters at the end of the line. For example, you might wait in a line near Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to meet with Tigger and Pooh. For this to count as a bonus attraction, you must get a photo and autograph from one of the characters. If you get an autograph and photo from both of them, or if you return later and get an autograph from Eeyore in the same location, it still counts as only one attraction because this is a single "meet-and-greet" experience. However, because there are separate lines for Princesses and Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theater and because you meet them in different locations inside the building, these are separate attractions.
  22. You may not meet with the same character in different locations and count it as more than one attraction. For example, if you meet Mickey in Town Square Theater, you cannot also count meeting him near Cinderella's Castle, even though these are separate queues.
  23. If a character does not provide autographs, you only need to provide a photograph with that character as evidence.

Stop Locations

After completing all attractions in an Ultimate Tour, your time stops when you reach the following stop points:


Those who complete an Ultimate Touring Plan by experiencing all operating core attractions in a theme park are eligible to be listed in the Ultimate Touring Hall of Fame.

Since the number of attractions open on any given day varies, it is difficult to compare directly the results of different Ultimate Touring Plan attempts. That is, there is no single "record speed" Ultimate Tour. However, ranks those who survive an Ultimate Tour as follows:

Last updated on January 5, 2015