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Guest review from TouringPlans blogger Angela Dahlgren. Read the wrap-up on our blog.

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Each stroller was reviewed for at least half a day and none of the companies knew it was for a review.

These companies are all Disney Featured Stroller Providers, which allows them to use the Disney resorts to store their strollers. The two big benefits to you are:

Each stroller was given a score from 1 to 14, using the follow criteria (2 points each):

Orlando Stroller Rentals Score


Total score: 12.5/14

Rental Costs - Based on the City Mini Single and Double Strollers



If renting for one day, the price is comparable to Kingdom Stroller, but higher than that of Magic and Disney. However, if you are renting for at least three days, the prices are comparable across the board.

Ordering the stroller was very simple. Once I decided on a stroller, I selected it from the list and entered in the quantity. There is the option to add a rain cover for free, so I did that. They also offer optional insurance which covers any theft or damage ($15.00 per stroller) but I decided to forgo that.

I selected my dates and the time I wanted the stroller delivered and returned. I chose my resort from a drop down tab where all the Disney resorts as well as other Orlando hotels and vacation homes are available. The company also allows the option of delivering to one resort and picking up from another so if you plan on resort hopping throughout your stay, this won't be an issue. For those who are curious, your stroller can be delivered to a private residence, but note that the delivery range is within a 15 minute radius of their store location. Simply add the address in the 'Other notes,' section below the resort tab. After I had made my selections, I provided my credit card information and received a confirmation email shortly after submitting my order.

Delivery and Product Information

My stroller was to be delivered to the Beach Club at 8:00 a.m. I arrived less than two hours later to pick it up at Bell Services. The Cast Member at the desk asked me to sign a log-in book stating I picked up the stroller while another CM went off to the luggage room to retrieve it.

He returned a short time later with the stroller and the first thing I noticed was how sleek it was. It was black, clean with no huge scuffs or damage and in good condition. There was a name tag with my reservation name dangling from the stroller as well as a card stating pick up and contact information. He immediately showed me how to fold it up before handing it off.

This is without a doubt, the EASIEST stroller I have EVER folded! There is a handle on the middle of the seat that you pull up on. With a light pull, it immediately folds in half. You could be holding a toddler in one arm and still easily fold the stroller with the other hand.

Before we get into the pros and cons, here is a product breakdown:

City Mini 4-Wheel Single Stroller Product Information




Throughout my day, I had no real issues with the stroller. It drove well and maneuvered with ease. My one-year-old daughter was comfortable and even napped in the stroller. At the end of the night, I returned the stroller to Bell Services where it was picked up the next day.

Last updated on September 2, 2016

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