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    Making FastPass+ Reservations

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Disney suspended its FastPass+ service in June 2020. We do not know when or if it will return.
The below information is provided for historical reference and will be updated if FastPass+ returns.

How to Make FastPass+ Reservations

For those of you who have grown familiar with FASTPASS since its introduction in 1999, FastPass+ is a similar system, but using more current technology. FastPass+ allows you to make a reservation for a ride or show at Disney World from a computer, smart phone, or in-park kiosk. If you would like a more in-depth description, please read our full description of FastPass+. So, how does all of this work?

When Can I Make FastPass+ Reservations?

It depends. There are a few different options depending on where you are staying and what type of ticket you have. If you have not purchased Disney theme park tickets you will not be able to make FastPass+ reservations.

If you are…

  • Staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel (including Swan and Dolphin): You can make your FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance of check-in for up to 14 days (assuming you have valid ticket media for all those days) of your stay. For instance, if your check in day is December 1, you may not only make FastPass+ reservations for your check-in day on October 2 (60 days prior to December 1), but you may also make reservations for up to 14 days of your stay (through December 14), even though they are more than 60 days away.

  • An Annual Passholder: You will be able to make your FastPass+ reservations 30 days in advance. Annual Passholders may make up to seven days worth of FastPass+ selections in any 30 day period. However, if Annual Passholders are staying at a Disney resort hotel, the resort guest rules apply.

  • NOT Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel: You will be able to make your FastPass+ reservations 30 days in advance. Note that non-Disney resort visitors must make each day's FP+ selections 30 days prior. For example, if you are visiting Disney World from July 1-3 and staying offsite you would need to make the FP+ selections for July 1 on June 1, July 2 on June 2, and July 3 on June 3.

  • The FastPass+ selections open at 7:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time on the Disney World website.

What You'll Need to Make Fastpass+ Reservations

Set aside at least 30 minutes to complete this process. You’ll also need these things to make Fastpass+ reservations:

  • A valid admission ticket or purchase confirmation number for everyone in your group
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access
  • An email account that you can access easily while traveling
  • An account on Disney’s (MDE) website
  • A schedule of the parks you’ll visit on each day of your trip, including arrival and departure times, plus the times of any mid-day breaks you plan to take
  • The dates, times, and confirmation numbers of any dining or recreation reservations already made

Other information you may want to collect before you begin:

  • Your Disney hotel reservation number, if you’re staying on-site

If you’re coordinating travel plans with friends or family outside of your home, you’ll also find it useful to have this information:

  • The names and (optional) email addresses of the people you’re traveling with
  • The schedule of the parks these folks are visiting on each day of their trip, including arrival, departure, and break times
  • The dates and times of any dining or recreation reservations these folks have

The only way to make FastPass+ reservations before your trip is to use the MDE website or MDE app; you can’t call someone on the phone, the way you would a restaurant reservation. We think it’s easier to use the website, so we’ll describe that here; the steps on the app are similar.

Email Access

The MDE website uses your email address to identify you. If you need an email account, Google’s Gmail is a good choice, and most new smartphones come equipped out of the box to work with it. Write down your email address and its password, and keep these in a safe place with you while traveling. Also, make sure that you can easily access this email account while you’re in the parks. If you forget your MDE username or password, the process for resetting those will be done through this new email address.

Managing FastPass+ Reservations Online

How do I Make FastPass+ Reservations Online?

FastPass+ reservations can be made from home using either an internet-accessible computer, smartphone, or tablet. Unless you are very comfortable with the My Disney Experience smartphone/tablet app, we suggest you make your reservations on a computer via the Walt Disney World Website. To do that takes a few steps, but is very easy to do.

  1. Navigate your web browser to Click on “Sign in or Create Account” on the top right and either sign in or follow the on-screen instructions in order to create an account.

  2. Next you will need to link your Walt Disney World tickets to your Disney account. From the main page, hover the mouse over “MyDisneyExperience” at the top right and click on “My Reservations and Tickets,” just above the red arrow in photo 1.

  3. Photo 1

  4. On the next screen, scroll down until you see the header “Tickets and Passes.” If your tickets are already listed there, go back to the main page and skip ahead to the next step. If not, click on “Link Tickets.” If you have a Magic Band you can type the 12 digit number from the inside of it in the box on the left of the next screen. Otherwise, scroll through the various types of tickets shown on the screen to find the one that looks like yours and type the highlighted ID Number into the box. Click Next. (While you're at it, you may want to link any WDW resort reservations you have via the "Link Resort Reservations" button.)

  5. Now we are finally ready to make some FastPass+ reservations! From the main page, hover over “MyDisneyExperience” at the top right and click on “FastPass+.” The next screen will ask you to select a day that you would like to choose FastPasses for (as seen in Photo 2). You will only be able to select days that you are eligible for FastPasses. Clicking the calendar will allow you to select a specific day. After you click a day, the four parks will appear, allowing you choose a park for your FP+ selections. Select a park and click Next.

  6. Photo 2

  7. You will be asked to select who the selected FastPasses will be for. You can make a FP+ selection for yourself, or anyone else connected to your My Disney Experience account. Note that only those who have tickets assigned to them will be eligible. You can make FP+ selections for subsets of your party -- not everyone has to choose the same rides. As of this writing, you may only select FastPasses for one park per day ahead of time. You may add additional FastPasses at a second park, but only after you've used your initial allotment at park number one.

  8. Photo 3

  9. Finally, it’s time to start selecting actual FastPasses! As shown in photo 4, the selection screen is split into two areas with the rides, shows, and character meetings on the left, and time periods on the top. Scrolling through the list on the left will show you the attractions at your chosen park. Click on either a general time period (morning/afternoon/evening) or a specific hour to see what FP+ options are available at your chosen time. It's up to you to make sure that your FP+ selections don't conflict with other plans such as meal or tour reservations. Clicking on the a time offering will select that FastPass+ for you. Note that some FP+ selections won't be available for a specific date or time.

  10. Photo 4

  11. You can decide to make one, two, or three advance FastPass+ selections per day. Be sure to click the green "Confirm" button to lock in your selections (see photo 5).

  12. Photo 5

  13. Congratulations! You have now confirmed your FastPass+ reservations! If you would like to make more reservations for a different day, click “Add FastPass+” and go back to Step 4.

How do I See What FastPass+ Reservations I Have?

Compared to all the steps you just went through to make your FastPass+ reservations, checking them is easy. From the main screen, hover over “MyDisneyExperience” and click “My Reservations and Tickets,” as you did when you assigned your tickets.

Now, when you open the FastPass+ section you will see all of your FastPass+ reservations.

Making Changes to FastPass+ Reservations Online

Changing your FastPass+ reservation is actually quite easy and often allows you to tweak the times to your liking, even changing things on the fly in the parks (pending availability). One thing you should be aware of is that Disney does not allow you to overlap your FastPass+ times, so keep that in mind when lining up those passes.

  1. Hover over the “MyDisneyExperience” header in the top right of the Disney homepage and click on “FastPass+” On the following screen, you'll see a list of your current FP+ selections..

  2. Click on any of the existing FastPass+ reservations, as shown in photo 6.

  3. Photo 6

  4. Select "Modify" (as shown in Photo 7) if you would like change the time of your FastPass+ reservation or if you would like to change your selection to a different attraction. You can also change which members of your party have the FP+ selection (select "change party") or you can select "cancel" to delete a FP+ selection.

  5. Photo 7

Once you click “Confirm” the changes are all made. You can modify your FP+ selections as often as you like, pending availability.

Now, what to do once you are on that vacation…

Managing FastPass+ Reservations In the Parks

There are two basic ways to make changes once you are at Walt Disney World: using the in-park kiosks or using a smart phone or table. Since the WiFi at the resort can get spotty and the My Disney Experience smartphone app is…less than ideal, we are going to focus on the kiosks. For a list of all the kiosk locations, make sure you review our detailed look at FastPass+.

Everything listed above that you can do from home can also be done from the many kiosks found in each of the four Walt Disney World parks. One thing to be aware of is that the FastPass+ service areas in the parks can get very busy, but the crowds vary wildly. In general, the deeper into the park you go or the less obvious the FastPass+ kiosk is, the less people there will be in line. For instance, the very visible station outside of Mickey’s Philharmagic in the Magic Kingdom often gets long lines. However, if you go into the less visible building next to Hall of Presidents or walk back to the kiosks in Storybook Circus you will often find few, if any, people.

A FastPass+ Kiosk

Step by step instructions are not necessary for the in-park kiosks as they are very self-explanatory and easy to use. If you managed to use the website as described above you will have no problem at all using the iPads-in-boxes that represent the touchscreens. All directions are on the screen and there are always Cast Members nearby to help.

The touchscreen you see when you choose to make FastPass+ changes

You can pick FastPass+ attractions, change the attraction, or change the times of the attractions quite easily by scanning your MagicBand or park ticket and following the directions. If you want to change FastPass+ reservations for multiple people, that is easily done by scanning everyone’s MagicBands prior to making the selections.

One possible advantage to making changes in the park is the presence of the Cast Member. There is some evidence that a willing Cast Member can “find” a FastPass+ for certain attractions when none are available. As with any request of this nature, be nice, be respectful, and be understanding if the Cast Member says they can’t help. But hey, it’s worth a try.

Getting Extra FastPass+ Reservations

One very important change made in April, 2014 is that you are allowed more than 3 FastPass+ reservations. Once you use all 3 of your initial FastPasses, you are allowed to make an additional FastPass+ reservation. Once you use that fourth FastPass, you may make another reservation, and so on. These additional FastPass+ selections may be made on the app or at an in-park kiosk. As an added bonus, these extra FastPass+ reservations can be utilized in another Walt Disney World park if you decide to park-hop.

Last updated on November 10, 2020