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    MaxPass at the Disneyland Resort

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MaxPass is an paid add-on for Disneyland Resort's FASTPASS ride reservation system. The $20 per-person-per-a-day add-on grants the user the ability to make FASTPASS reservations on their phone, as well as access to PhotoPass downloads taken by Disney photographers or on select rides.

How Much Does Disneyland MaxPass Cost?

The current price of MaxPass at Disneyland is $20 per user, per day. MaxPass is included with the Disney Signature Plus Passport and Disney Premier Passport. Those with other Annual Passports can add on the service for $20 per day, or pay $125 for a year.

How To Use MaxPass at Disneyland

When you open up Disneyland's official app you will see an option labeled "Get FastPass." Remember to have your Disney account created and your ticket or annual pass linked in the app. Before moving on, all regular FASTPASS rules apply to the MaxPass system, with the notable exception that the maximum amount of time until you can get another FASTPASS is 90 minutes (instead of 2 hours) from issuance. Also, since you book FASTPASS on your phone, you can make a "next FASTPASS" while in line, immediately after scanning your ticket to use your current FASTPASS. See our Disneyland Resort FASTPASS page for more information.

After selecting "Get FastPass" you'll be brought to this screen where you create your party.  Remember that MaxPass is an add-on with a current cost of $20 per person per day. Each member of your party needs to purchase the MaxPass add-on in order for you to make FASTPASS reservations for them. If you have 2 or more people in your party, one person cannot purchase MaxPass and then make reservations for everyone.

An important tidbit, with MaxPass you are only able to make a FASTPASS reservation AFTER you tickets have been scanned and you enter the park. This is the screen you see if you have not yet entered the park for the day.

Once you have entered Disneyland or DCA and you attempt to reserve a FASTPASS, you will see this screen. You can select either park and make FASTPASSes. It does not matter if you're in DCA and want to make a Disneyland FASTPASS, or vice versa.

The Disneyland app will then show you a list of attractions and their current FASTPASS return times. Scroll through the list and select an attraction you'd like to reserve a time for. A nice feature I want to point out on this screen is that you can also see the current standby wait time. If a standby wait is short, it's probably not worthwhile to secure FASTPASS for that attraction.

After selecting an attraction you'll see this screen asking you to confirm your selection.

What happens when you try to book another FASTPASS reservation when you already have one made? You'll see this error screen. All normal FASTPASS rules apply to MaxPass. My Guardians of the Galaxy return window began at 9:05 AM, therefore the next time I could make a FASTPASS was 9:05 AM.

After making a FASTPASS reservation in your Disneyland app, you can easily see the reservation on the main menu.

After your return window opens, you'll be presented with an option labeled "Redeem FASTPASS."

After you select "Redeem FASTPASS" you are presented with your actual FASTPASS ticket. You can take this to the FASTPASS line at the ride, scan the barcode, and be on your way. You are then free to make another FASTPASS reservation.

MaxPass Frequently Asked Questions

Q: With MaxPass, can I make a FASTPASS reservation in advance like with Disney World's FastPass+?

A: No. Disneyland Resort's FASTPASS reservations still need to be made after entering the park and on the day you want to ride. And you do NOT get to choose your return time. Just like when you're at a Disneyland FASTPASS machine getting a paper ticket, with MaxPass you can only secure the "next available" FASTPASS slot for an attraction.

Q: Can I make a FASTPASS reservation if I'm outside of Disneyland or DCA? For example, if I leave the parks and go back to my hotel for a mid-day nap.

A: Yes. As long as Disney has scanned your ticket and you have entered Disneyland or DCA you are able to make a FASTPASS reservation no matter where you are. If you have not entered either Disneyland or DCA yet, then you cannot reserve a FASTPASS .

Q: Can I make more than one FASTPASS reservation with MaxPass?

A: The rules for FASTPASS rules apply for MaxPass. After making a FASTPASS reservation in the Disneyland app, you'll be informed of the time at which you can make another reservation. For example, if it's 9:00 AM, and the return time for a ride is at 10:40 AM, the next time you can make a reservation in the Disneyland app is 10:40 AM.

Q: Can you make World of Color or Fantasmic! FASTPASS reservations with MaxPass?

Yes. You can reserve MaxPasses for both of these shows using Disney's app. If you book a MaxPass for one or both of these shows you can also immediately reserve a time for another attraction in either park.

Q: Can I still receive paper FASTPASSes when I have MaxPass?

A: Yes. If you walk to an attraction's FASTPASS distribution area, insert your ticket or annual pass, and then receive a paper "FASTPASS Reminder," it will then appear in your Disneyland app. However, you cannot make a FASTPASS on the Disneyland app and then receive a paper FASTPASS ticket.

Q: What's the difference between MaxPass and regular "legacy" FASTPASS?

A: It turns out that not much is different: MaxPass is just a digital version of FASTPASS, so you use the Disneyland app on your phone rather than visiting FASTPASS kiosks (which saves time walking around the parks, arguably the biggest advantage of MaxPass) and keeping track of paper FASTPASS tickets. In addition, you only need to wait a maximum of 90 minutes (instead of 120 minutes) between securing FASTPASSes.

Is MaxPass Worth It?

You and your party need to decide if the luxury of not running back and forth across the park to obtain paper FASTPASS tickets is worth the premium price. I should point out that regular paper FASTPASSes are still available to all park guests, so really no one is losing anything here. Also, the system seems easy to use for frequent visitors, but I'm curious if it'll be confusing for other guests who don't visit all the time or know the rules of FASTPASS. However, some people argue that unlimited PhotoPass downloads are worth the $20 price alone; if you value PhotoPass, you should certainly consider that in your calculations.